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David Newbury of explosive Business Solutions brings a wealth of experience in specific corporate event services including Strategic Brainstorming, Management Retreats, Sales Conferences and Keynote Guest Speaking Services for business events.

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Marketing Solutions

We specialize in creating Explosive Growth through the implementation of aggressive marketing strategies

We have years of experience assisting a broad range of business owners in all business segments. We specialize in creating Explosive Growth through the implementation of aggressive marketing strategies. We also provide special expertise in Web, Traditional Media, Public Relations, Promotions and Social Media



Question One

If the world could only know one thing about your company, what would that one thing be?


Question Two

Do you want to aggressively grow your business and are you prepared to make the changes required to achieve that growth?


Question Three

What is the one thing about your business that you will never compromise regardless of the situation?

The Alignment

This part of the process can happen either face to face or during a phone conference. Typically this will take 1-2 hours.


There are only two rules:


A. We engage in a totally open and completely honest dialogue.

B. Either party can end the conversation at any time.


You’ll share the story that is uniquely yours: your goals and factors that influence your business.

It is during this meeting that we each decide if we have the basis for a productive working relationship. 

The Discovery

We submerge deep beneath the surface of your business, historically, culturally and competitively uncovering details relevant to your potential growth. After creeping diligently through the past and present, our attention turns to future strategic opportunities and tactical planning.


We utilize investigative techniques with employees, management and competitors. We also employ extensive market research during a process which could take several weeks to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.


After weighing many options we will choose one Explosive Marketing Solution. Your solution will include an amazing strategy, realistic tactics and action plans. We also include a detailed creative direction with an implementation schedule.

The Summit

You are presented with your Explosive Business Solution including a detailed implementation plan explaining exactly how we will guide you towards your goal. This meeting will take a couple hours after which you’ll have two choices.


A. You choose to implement the solution on your own using the information and guidance we’ve made available along with support materials.

B. You choose to retain us to implement the solution on a monthly basis for the next 12 months. This approach frees you up to do what you do best, run your business. Then we do what we do best and implement your explosive marketing solutions.

The Relationship

At the end of 12 months you choose one of two options.


A. Discontinue Our Relationship.

B. Continue our relationship by having us review and adapt your ongoing explosive business solution. We’ll continue to work for you and you continue to pay a monthly retainer plus a percentage increase based on your growth of gross sales year over year.


The decision is completely up to you. The only way we can earn a raise is if your gross sales increase and even then, only by the amount of that increase. 

We’ll have a direct vested interest in your successful sales growth! These two options will be available in the years that follow.



Every Explosive Business Solution begins with an honest assessment of the current situation. This assessment or uncovery process must provide an objective balance of internal and external information. The Internal Information comes from Ownership, Management & Staff.

Testimonials Sell

One sure fire way to lower a prospects anxiety about making a commitment is to provide a testimonial from another client who has enjoyed working with you and achieved business success from the experience.

Training & Mentoring

David Newbury founded Explosive Business Solutions following a very successful 30 year career in Broadcasting. During these years David trained and mentored many successful broadcasters, administrators, sales & marketing professionals.

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