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Never Accept No If Someone Can’t Say Yes

Explosive MarketingFeatured Post Never Accept No If Someone Can’t Say Yes
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Never Accept No If Someone Can’t Say Yes

Oprah says,”never accept no from someone who can’t say yes” which is why I say, “always start at the top with the decision makers.” It’s rediculous to start at the bottom and work your way to the top when the shortest distance between you and the sale is at the top! I know it’s safe and easy to speak to people who can’t make decisions but you’re wasting your time. Steve Martin in his book, Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom calls the person at the top, “The Bully With The Juice”.




Although it might seem like there’s a higher risk when calling the President or Owner of a company, there’s also a greater reward. It is true that they might not take your call or they might refer you to someone below them but the worst that can happen is they simply don’t return your call. Risk and reward are inversely proportionate, so a little risk in this situation could lead to a significant reward.


People who make it to the top are a different breed and you want to make the right impression; time is of the essence because their time is worth more than other people. Do not waste time on preliminaries. Always know what you want to say and spit it out! Condense that 20 page power point down to the essential messaging.


The surest way to turn off a busy person is with a canned pitch so make sure your presentation is personal. You customize the presentation with information that proves you’ve done your homework. Always answer this question, “What’s in it for the Bully With The Juice?” Here is some additional guidance on the topic of presenting.


Great sales people like great chess players think about their next move and the one after that meaning they’re always ready for objections with pre-planned responses that answer every possible concern ahead of time. Be like a Boy Scout, Prepare for all eventualities. Never accept no because you didn’t prepare like a pro!


In regard to closing, if your close has a name like the Ben Franklin or the Good Cop Bad Cop dump it immediately! No one wants to feel sold and the higher a person is up the food chain the more likely it is that they’ll recognise those tired old methods. You do not want to insult people with these manipulative techniques because what you really need is to build a relationship. It has to be a business friendship and good friends help each other reach decisions, they don’t sell them stuff. Never accept no because of a lame closing technique!


Powerful people crave control so giving them control in a way where they feel like they can step out of the process at any time will allow them to relax and do what they love doing which is making decisions, their decisions. If it’s their decision they’ll never regret it and you’ll never have to resell it or defend it. Never accept no because you were too weak to give the client ownership!


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