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David Newbury of explosive Business Solutions brings a wealth of experience in specific corporate event services including Strategic Brainstorming, Management Retreats, Sales Conferences and Keynote Guest Speaking Services for business events.

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If I Could Show You A Way

Explosive MarketingFeatured Post If I Could Show You A Way

If I Could Show You A Way

If I could show you a way to build instant credibility with your prospects, 8 out of 10 of you would still ignore this advice and continue making the same mistakes. If I could show you a way to guarantee a dramamtic increase in your income, 80% of you would nod in agreement about my sugestions but never act to actually get the pay hike!


Selling Is A Transfer Of Trust


One sure fire way to lower a prospects anxiety about making a commitment is to show them a testimonial from satisfied client. To see how I use testimonials on my website just scroll all the way to the bottom of my home page  Testimonials are especially useful early on in the sales cycle but not for the 80% of you who just unconciously decided its just too much work.



The biggest obstacle to getting a testimonial letter is having a busy business person find the time to prepare it for you, so instead of waiting why not ask a few questions to gauge their degree of satisfaction. Once you have a sense of what would feel comfortable for them to say, take the bull by the horns and generate the letter on their letterhead and ask them to sign it.



The whole point of this approach is to have credible letters on hand that you can pull out when the situation warrants, to speak to particular concerns being raised by potential clients.



20% of the people reading this today will generate 80% of the testimonial letters from this group and the same will apply when it comes to using them. In fact, 20% of the salespeople will sell 80% of the products and earn the lion’s share of  commissions. I can’t make you become more successful, but I can show you a way and then the cloice is really 100% in your hands.


I’d love to hear about the best testimonial you’ve ever gotten. Leave a comment!

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