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Iconic Brands

One Flaming Idea

Iconic Brands

Iconic brands begin with ideas that generate engagement, which causes excitement and then explode into massive targeted action! I was in a meeting with a client back in the early nineties when I said, “What would happen if we tried doing a regular remote at the club downtown on Saturday nights?” This “What If” question led to one of the most profitable brainstorming sessions in radio history. Steve Sparkes and I grew that idea into a live radio show from his bar, Benders on George. The show was so much more than a remote, it was live! Our station played live inside his club, providing the dance music on Saturday Nights. We called it, “Saturday Night Live from Benders On George”



Our announcers hosted the show which featured popular gimmicks like the wheel of misfortune and potty chugs. There were lineups to get in at 9pm every Saturday night. Our radio announcers became huge celebrities on George Street which also help build our on air following.


The show aired every Saturday night for twelve years and spawned a travelling spin off show on Fridays called, “Celebration Roadshow”, which changed locations at various bars in communities around the Bay. When I calculated the results of all this revelling twelve years later, I discovered that I made enough in commissions from that one idea to pay for my home, assuming I had been smart enough to use it for that purpose.

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Once born, this idea took on a life of its own and grew steadily becoming one of the iconic brands in our area. Creating great ideas doesn’t happen by accident but neither is it a big mysterious process. To profit from your ideas try applying the principles used in these three occupations


1. Fishing-Like a fisherman, try using nets to catch the kinds of ideas that will lead to sales opportunities. Your net could be as simple as a notebook or tablet which you use to write down idea categories such as, “prospecting ideas” or “ideas for handling objections” or “cool promotional ideas”


2.Nursing-If you nurse and nurture, expand and develop each new idea eventually they’ll grow to maturity like other iconic brands. Never ignore your new ideas or they will wither and die before you get a chance to cash in.


3.Gardening-Once your idea has matured and begins to blossom it needs to be shared with other people who get excited about new ideas. This type of gardening is going to involve some dirty work; weeding, watering and pruning before your idea grows to its full potential. Your idea will explode with the input of others as together you make it better and better until it evolves into a dynamic force. Learn more about the power of concept and ideas.


After Steve and I came up with the concept for Saturday Night Live At Benders On George, I went back to the station and shared it with some of the best creative minds in the industry. We cast our net, we nursed and nurtured it and then we pruned and weeded and watered it until it turned into a beautiful million dollar baby!



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