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David Newbury of explosive Business Solutions brings a wealth of experience in specific corporate event services including Strategic Brainstorming, Management Retreats, Sales Conferences and Keynote Guest Speaking Services for business events.

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roving radio

Evil Yellow Empire

Competitors gleefully referred to us as The Evil Yellow Empire. VOCM was an AM monster in an FM world and its brand was seared into the hearts and minds of Newfoundlanders.  I enlisted in the evil yellow empire on August 20th 1986 when I left Q-Radio...


If I Could Show You A Way

If I could show you a way to build instant credibility with your prospects, 8 out of 10 of you would still ignore this advice and continue making the same mistakes. If I could show you a way to guarantee a dramamtic increase in your...

Salesman Ship

Never Accept No If Someone Can’t Say Yes

Oprah says,"never accept no from someone who can't say yes" which is why I say, "always start at the top with the decision makers." It's rediculous to start at the bottom and work your way to the top when the shortest distance between you and...

One Flaming Idea

Iconic Brands

Iconic brands begin with ideas that generate engagement, which causes excitement and then explode into massive targeted action! I was in a meeting with a client back in the early nineties when I said, “What would happen if we tried doing a regular remote at the club...