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Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Sure.
David Newbury of explosive Business Solutions brings a wealth of experience in specific corporate event services including Strategic Brainstorming, Management Retreats, Sales Conferences and Keynote Guest Speaking Services for business events.

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My Ten Strongly Held Beliefs


I believe in listening to you, your employees and your customers before I do anything else. 


I believe in strategic plans, long term thinking and dynamic tactics.


I believe you deserve the benefit of independent research.


I believe shopping experiences have to align with marketing promises.


I believe your customers want to be a tribe of fervent followers.


I believe your employees want to be excited ambassadors.

Creative Ideas

I believe creative ideas lead to explosive results.


I believe I have the expertise to find an affordable solution for your business.

Business Owners

I believe hundreds of happy business owners can’t be wrong!


I believe I have the tools and expertise to grow your business.


Every Explosive Business Solution begins with an honest assessment of the current situation. This assessment or uncovery process must provide an objective balance of internal and external information. The Internal Information comes from Ownership, Management & Staff.

Testimonials Sell

One sure fire way to lower a prospects anxiety about making a commitment is to provide a testimonial from another client who has enjoyed working with you and achieved business success from the experience.

Training & Mentoring

David Newbury founded Explosive Business Solutions following a very successful 30 year career in Broadcasting. During these years David trained and mentored many successful broadcasters, administrators, sales & marketing professionals.

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